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Telangana SSC Exams starts From March 25 2015

Posted by admin, at 10 December 2014

Exam schedule for SSC exam announced on Wednesday for the state of Telangana These tests will be held from March 25 to April 11. SSC, SSC Oriental, vocational courses. This academic year, the state government from the massive reforms introduced in the management of the class tests.These changes have been designed to schedule the tests to run armored. SSC tests, along with the first language, writing privately composite courses this academic year marked the end of the government. In this context, the privately-old students must pass written tests only for this year was to write a privately tests. Composite courses, as well as older students up to pass the exam again this year, given the opportunity. Until last year, based on the old curriculum for older students question. Changes compared to the past. Students in the process of writing the test time of 2.30 hours old ... now increased to 2.45 hours.


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