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Social media has changed the way people flirt: Survey

Posted by admin, at 9 December 2014

London: People are now more likely to flirt on Facebook than in person and a third of them are too embarrassed to talk to their love interests face-to-face, a survey has revealed.

Social media has changed the way people flirt: Survey

The language of love has gone digital through text messages and it has even affected the way we flirt.

The poll, commissioned by online comparison site broadbandchoices.co.uk, revealed that the reason for the trend is that 38 percent of those surveyed find chatting to someone they fancy too embarrassing.

The poll surveyed 2,000 British adults.

Almost one in five people said they mostly use private Facebook messages to communicate while dating, while others thought a phone call or text message was more forward than a face-to-face chat, the Daily Mail reported Thursday citing the survey.

Just over a quarter said they opt for Snapchat when trying to impress someone.

While 50 percent of people are confident enough to ask someone for a date face-to-face, a third confessed they would be too embarrassed or nervous to pick up the phone and call a love interest.


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