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Now you can hide blue ticks on WhatsApp with 'Read Receipts'!

Posted by admin, at 9 December 2014

New Delhi: Last week, Whatsapp's new update , the ‘double blue ticks’ feature had kicked off a storm. With this new feature, it certainly wasn't easy to ignore or avoid a message and nor could you pull off that that customary lie as to why didn't you reply. All your excuses of not seeing the message were practically deemed null and void.

Now you can hide blue ticks on WhatsApp with 'Read Receipts'!

This new sort of invasion of privacy certainly didn't go well down with many users for obvious reasons. So, Whatsapp was quick to find a solution to this displeasure by further introducing yet another feature to hide ‘Read Receipts’.

Once enabled, people will not see the blue tick marks even if you have read the messages. Users have to go to Settings > Privacy > and disable the 'Read Receipts' option to dismiss the blue ticks when you read the messages sent by other people.

The feature is only available to Android users who have downloaded the new beta version of the app.

Nevertheless, this new update is certainly a saviour for all those who were irked by the threatening blue ticks feature.


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