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Movie review – Dumb And Dumber To

Posted by admin, at 4 December 2014

THE best thing about Dumb & Dumber To is that Dumb & Dumber came 20 years ago. Yes, 20. So it says something for the Farrelly brothers kind of humour that it doesn’t seem so very long back that we saw Lloyd (Carrey) and Harry (Daniels) driving around in a van covered with fur shaped like a puppy and stopping at little in torturing their bodies and our minds for some laughs.

There isn't much Carrey and Daniels can get wrong here that isn't wrong already.

That’s also the worst thing about Dumb & Dumber To. Because, if it is all so fresh, how do you get over and under it? It appears by not sparing the use of any bodily fluid, from poop to spit, or any bodily hole, from the covered to the protruding.

There isn’t much Carrey and Daniels can get wrong here that isn’t wrong already. However, even if the story was a little better, there is something quite pathetic about wrinkled, greying men on the wrong side of 40 behaving like their selves from the right side of 20.


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