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Make Safari show the full address for Websites

Posted by admin, at 10 December 2014

If you want or need to see more than a Web page's domain name in Safari, there is an easy fix.

OS X Yosemite introduced Safari 8 and a flatter, more streamlined design. Jason Cipriani offered four tips for Safari 8 last month, and I have a quick fifth tip for you.


As part of its embrace of sleek simplicity, Safari 8 does not by default show the full Web address for Web pages in its address bar. Instead, is shows only the domain name. If this lack of information bothers you or disrupts your workflow, there is an easy fix.

1. Go to Safari > Preferences (or press Command-comma).

2. Click on the Advanced tab and check the box at the top for Show full website address.

3. Close Preferences and go about your business.

Even without this change in preferences, you can see a Web page's full URL by clicking into Safari's address bar, which highlights the page's address and shows it in full.


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