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Google Nexus 5 plagued by problems after Lollipop update

Posted by admin, at 4 December 2014

NEW DELHI: Android 5.0 Lollipop is perhaps among Google's most radical software upgrades that aimed to tweak the performance under the hood, adding new features and overhauling the design language of the user interface.

However, it seems the update, named after a confection, is leaving a bitter aftertaste for a large number of Nexus 5 users who are unhappy with the update. As soon as Google started seeding the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to Nexus 5 phones, users started complaining about software bugs, SMS issues, connectivity problems and reduced battery backup on online forums and social networks.

A number of Nexus 5 users in India who have recently updated their phone's operating system to Lollipop are also reporting problems ranging from less than optimum battery life, system apps crashing, Wi-Fi connectivity issues and the phone getting heated up.

Harsh Garg, an analyst at a global market research firm, is disappointed with his Nexus 5's battery life and stability issues following the Lollipop update. He says he needs to charge the phone twice during a typical work day. His sister, also a Nexus 5 owner and a light user, is also experiencing reduced standby time.

"I was initially disappointed with the delay in getting the Lollipop update but once I updated the experience has been far from satisfactory. The phone freezes and doesn't respond until you restart it, the launcher lags and even the camera app crashes. Maybe it's just a ploy to make us upgrade to the expensive Nexus 6," quips Garg.

"The phone's standby time has reduced considerably after switching to Lollipop. The Camera and Play Music apps crash randomly and the phone takes much longer to sync," adds Karnika Kohli, manager at a media house. "I am also frustrated with my Nexus 5's reduced battery backup after updating to Lollipop."

Bhavin Shah, a Mumbai based online entrepreneur, also complains his Nexus 5 has become buggy and slow after the update.

While app compatibility for third party apps is likely to remain an issue for some time until developers start fixing their apps and optimizing them for Lollipop, what is frustrating is that system apps updated by Google are also plagued by stability issues.

"The Lollipop update has been a big disappointment. My phone is heating up, freezes and crashes randomly and the battery drains up pretty fast," complains Rohit Khanna, brand manager at a leading publication house and a Nexus 5 user.

Sonam, another Nexus 5 user from Mumbai, says her phone goes blank and apps crash randomly after the Lollipop update.

Neha Aggarwal, a Delhi-based brand manager, says she is facing the same issue. "The gallery app keeps on crashing and I need to charge my battery every few hours after updating to Lollipop."


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