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Clash of Clans heads 2014's billion-dollar mobile games – Open thread

Posted by admin, at 10 December 2014

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It should come as no surprise that mobile gaming is a lucrative business now, for the games at the top of the charts at least. Now there are some more figures claiming to prove just how lucrative.

Digital goods measurement firm Superdata has published some year-end gaming stats, including the suggestion that were three mobile games grossing more than $1bn in 2014: Candy Crush Saga at $1bn, Puzzle & Dragons at $1.5bn and Clash of Clans at a startling $1.8bn.

“Now, if we assume that Clash of Clans generated all of Supercell’s 2013 revenues, its year-on-year growth for 2104 would be 100 percent. This is a minimum figure.

Conversely assuming Clash of Clans generated the half of Supercell’s 2013 revenues, 2014 revenue of $1.8 billion suggests year-on-year growth in the order of 300 percent. This is the maximum.”

Clash of Clans may have made $1.8bn in 2014 alone.


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